The Road More or Less Traveled, 2004, oil on wood panel, 20x20 inches

Elephant Feelings, 2003, oil on wood panel, 18x22 inches

Nuclear Self, 2003, oil on wood panel, 20x20 inches

Let the Golden Age Begin, 2004, oil on wood panel, 28x22 inches

Out of Focus in a Foreign Language, 2004, oil on wood panel, 22x28 inches

Carroll Dunham's Laundry, 2004, oil on wood panel, 14x18 inches

Dark Matter Dance Party, 2003, oil on wood panel, 20x24 inches

Geometric Mood Swing, 2003, oil on wood panel, 24x30 inches

They Paved Paradise, 2002, oil on wood panel, 14x18 inches

Elbow Room, 2002, oil and gouache on wood panel, 16x20 inches

Big Fat Dance, 2003, oil on wood panel, 24x30 inches

The Gravity of Small Pleasures, 2002, oil and gouache on wood panel, 24x20 inches

Day for Night, 2001, oil on wood panel, 22x28 inches

Creatures of Habit, 2001, oil on wood panel, 20x20 inches

Soil Creep, 2001, oil on wood panel, 13x13 inches

Root Often, 2000, oil on wood panel, 11x11 inches

Bent Nature, 2000, oil on wood panel, 18x22 inches

Mountain with Molehill, 2002, oil on wood panel, 22x20 inches

Today Is Going to Be the Day, 2004, oil on wood panel, 24"x24 inches

How Wide the Orbit, 2002, oil on wood panel, 24x30 inches

Thicket, 2001, oil and gouache on wood panel, 13x13 inches