I see the imagination as a fundamental ingredient of human life. Likewise imagination plays a significant role in painting, as painting requires a swift, psychological shift to turn an idea into physical matter. When I paint I imagine the forms I use to possess distinct personalities that in turn become my tools for working. With them I create a narrative for each piece, putting into play several methods of paint application and removal in order to set up unanticipated relationships. 


Although abstract my work is rooted in the real world, inspired by forms in nature and architecture. I interweave current events - on a global, local or personal scale - into the process so that each painting encapsulates a specific moment of my life. The works on paper and sketchbooks borrow heavily from magazines, personal notes and children’s drawings that circulate throughout my days. I use them to reflect the time in which they’re made and as a way to play with authorship.  


Because this work evolves element by element the end result cannot be preconceived. This to me is an exciting challenge.